Support H.Res. 1128: Congratulate Team USA!

Mar 16, 2010

As co-chairs of the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus, we encourage you to support H.Res. 1128, which thanks Vancouver for hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games and honors members of Team USA.  Our Olympians proudly represented our country by taking home a record-breaking 37 medals and giving us inspirational performances that we’ll remember for years to come.  This resolution also recognizes our Paralympians, who are currently competing in Vancouver and have already won two medals.  

You can also support Team USA by joining the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus.  This caucus is a bipartisan group of Members dedicated to educating Congress about the goals and spirit of Olympic-related athletic activity, increasing diversity in athletics, promoting clean and fair competition, expanding youth sports, highlighting the benefits of sports to individuals with disabilities, and supporting the vision of enabling athletes to realize their Olympic and Paralympic dreams.  The Caucus will support the global and U.S. Olympic movements, including recognizing the value of sports in building a peaceful and better world. We will also highlight Paralympic efforts designed to help individuals with disabilities, including our injured military and veterans, live full and active lives through sporting activities and events. 

If you have any questions or would like to join the Caucus, please contact Kirtley Fisher ( or 5-2735) in Rep. Langevin’s office, Zachary Hartman ( or 5-4301) in Rep. Boozman’s office, Matt Henken ( or 5-2645) in Rep. Perlmutter’s office, or Lindsay Manson ( or 5-7761) in Rep. Reichert’s office.